Forms Submitted

Submitted forms with the article

- Original format of the article: link to download the original file of the article

- Format of the authors' profile: Download the authors' profile file

- Author commitment form: link to download the Commitment form

- Conflict of interest form: link to download the Conflict of interest form

- Irandoc copy certificate: the link to log in to Irandoc copy and the guide to receive the copy certificate

- E-mail of Paykareh Scientific Journal for copies:

- ID of the scientific publication in the HGIOQR system

For this publication, the acceptable matching percentage is up to 15%.

- Author's Orchid Code (Gan): download link for Orchid Code Guide (ORCID) and Registration of Orchid Code (ORCID)

Submitted forms after the initial acceptance of the article

- Article translation commitment form by the author: link to download the Translation commitment form